The Glimmer Twins

(+Happy Birthday Mick!)


You’ve been starring in my dreams..

“I don’t think anyone resisted it at all, not to my knowledge. Whether they did mentally or not, I don’t think anyone can really remember that. If they say they remember, they probably don’t. They’re probably lying”

"During the rehearsal of the El Mocambo gig I wrote the song Miss You. So I remember that ‘cause I was waiting for everyone in the band to turn up and I was with Billy Preston, and Billy was playing the kick drum and I was always playing the guitar and I wrote Miss You on that so I remember that moment very well" - Mick

"At first i thought..Oh Mick’s been to the disco again.."- Keith

"I remember when the bass line went disco I was like ‘Hmm that’s different’ especially for the Stones. I said to myself ‘They’re gunna play disco?! Ok that’ll work’ (laughs). When we hit the groove I understood they were trying to incorporate the tradition with a new one"- Sugar Blue (Harmonica)

It is funny to look back into the mid- to late ’70s and realize how worried rock fans were about the potential scenario of disco music killing off their genre. Yet today Miss You stills holds up as a classic rock hit. It broke down color barriers along with genre barriers at this period of time. Keith had just kicked heroin and was ready to prove the band was still a potent force; Mick had been living in New York and was exposed to musical influences such as new Latin music, dance, and punk rock, and felt a fire under him from hearing the young upstarts in punk rock bands put down the Stones as has-beens.

It took the world’s greatest Rock N Roll band, hot on the heels of fusing rock and disco to make that sound mainstream. This was the Stones not trying keep up with the punks. It won them more fans than trying to out-punk the punk bands. Without a doubt the greatest masterstroke of the late 70’s. No other song plunges you headfirst into that particular time of decadence, cocaine, rawness, celebrity and groove. It’s a song you don’t hear.. you feel.


The Grand Budapest Hotel screenshots - cinematography by Robert D. Yeoman - 2013